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About Us

The formation of the company began back in 2005, when the possibilities by brokers of transferring funds to individuals were very limited, and this kind of service was not particularly popular. Anthony Barnes founded the company, which was later dubbed FUTURE TRADE EXPERT .

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We have been working quite successfully in the financial services market for more than fifteen years, and during that time, succeeded in many ways. Thus, the company is constantly expanding the range of instruments we work with. Over the past few years, dozens of professional traders have joined our ranks, they have been working in the stock and cryptocurrency in markets for a long time. This made it possible to achieve a significant increase in the efficiency and profitability of FUTURE TRADE EXPERT, which had a positive effect on the wealth of our investors.

Our staff uses modern instruments of situational control in the private investment market; this allows us to determine possible problems and hidden pitfalls well in advance and take the steps necessary to avoid them with minimal losses. In the last year, we successfully provided our investors with a profit sized at 204% of the investment amount. This speaks very highly about our professionalism and accountability.Based on our wealth of experience, we can guarantee not only lucrative returns for each of our investors, but also profit, by reducing the likelihood of risk to the minimum possible level.

Our company was founded in 2005 when the opportunities for transferring funds from private parties to the management of a broker were extremely limited and services similar to this were not too popular. The enterprise, which later received the name “FUTURE TRADE EXPERT”, was founded by a person named Anthony Barnes. Still today he stands at the helm. In part, thanks to his experience, skills, and knowledge, our investors have a stable revenue and certainty in the future

The business activities of our company were initially based on the principle of a transparent relationship with our investors. Thus far, following ten years of business activities, this principle is still pertinent. This principle was specifically chosen to be the foundation. Allowing our investors to see how their investments are being used, we increase the level of trust between us and our investors and give them peace regarding the return and profit on their investment.

Our organization, during the course of ten years of activities, has kept its independence. Nonetheless, we still invest a lot of resources into perfecting the technology and instruments used to guarantee a high level of quality in our provided services. For example, in 2015, our company launched an investment platform which allows everyone to receive a passive income, regardless of the amount of their investment.

“FUTURE TRADE EXPERT” is a sensible, effective, and completely transparent manager of the investments of every investor.



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