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1 What is a Future Trade Expert? Nowadays, everyone is talking about it. Can it make people millionaires?

Future Trade Expert is another concept of management, and its first plan has been running worldwide for the past 7 years (since 2015) under the name "Funds Broker," providing returns to people on their money through Forex and crypto trading.

2 Since their first plan has been running for 7 years, what was the need for a second plan?

Their first plan, "Funds Broker," operates at a traditional level where no money comes to people through network marketing. Only two people benefit from it: the one who invests money gets a return, and the person who sponsors them receives direct income. The rest of the team does not earn any money. Therefore, they expanded their Future Program Community Project globally and created a new concept, Future Trade Expert.

3 Who is the founder of Future Trade Expert?

The founder of Future Trade Expert is S. F. Joseph, who has more than 10 years of experience in the financial services industry. He began his career in trading and is a certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialist (ACAMS). He also holds a diploma in compliance from the National College, USA, and the Irish Institute of Banking and Financial Regulation.

4 Where will the money come from in the Future Trade Expert income program?

Future Trade Expert is the world's first management concept that has been returning people's money on time through Forex and crypto trading programs for the past 7 years (since 2015). So, it's certain that the system will continue to operate smoothly for many more years because it genuinely generates returns on people's investments.

5 What is the community project that the company is working on in the future?

The community project that the company is introducing in the future is actually a token that will be the world's first token to empower a self-built community created through network marketing in a strong and organized way. It will establish ownership and founder-like status for the community, which was previously functioning only as users, and allow them to claim ownership rights on the generated capital.

6 Why was it necessary to introduce a referral program to build the Future Trade Expert community?

To give any token a strong crypto form, it requires a robust community, holders, and volume. The fastest and only way to achieve this in the world is through a referral program. A strong community is essential to transform any token into a strong cryptocurrency.

7 What will be the total supply of Future Trade Expert tokens?

The total supply of Future Trade Expert tokens will be limited, determined based on market dynamics to create a demand impact quickly in the market.

8 What is the future of Future Trade Expert tokens?

The initial price of Future Trade Expert is $1, but in the future, it is expected to reach a value of approximately $1000. This token has a limited supply, a community built through a referral program, strong holders, and a community program designed to establish ownership and founder-like status. In simpler terms, it will work similarly to how users on platforms like YouTube can become income partners by creating and managing their channels, generating substantial income.

9 How can one join the referral program of Future Trade Expert?

To join the referral program, you will need a referral link. You can learn how to join and activate your ID by studying the registration and activation video instructions.

10 What is the minimum amount at which Future Trade Expert can be started, and what are its benefits?

You can start the Future Trade Expert referral program with a minimum of $10 or its multiples. Here, you receive income in three ways:

  • Daily Non-Working Bonus: You earn a daily return of 1% on the investment amount, which continues until it reaches 200%. You can choose to withdraw this daily or hold the tokens until their value increases. If the token's value increases from $1 to $10, for instance, your $100 worth of tokens will become $1,000.
  • Direct Referral Income: When you sponsor someone into the system, you receive a 50% direct incentive. If you sponsor one person, you get 50% income, and if you sponsor two, you get 100% income, and so on.
  • Matching Bonus: To qualify for this income, you need to sponsor two people. When your left and right sides of the business match in a 1:1 ratio, you earn a 5% matching income on their business volume.
11 Is it necessary to refer someone to receive the non-working income?

No, it is not necessary to refer anyone to receive non-working income. This income is generated without the need for referrals.

12 What is the minimum withdrawal amount here?

The minimum withdrawal amount is $1.

13 Is there any deduction on withdrawals?

There is no deduction on withdrawals for the first withdrawal made within every 30 days. After that, there is a 10% deduction on withdrawals made within the same 30-day period.

14 Will I receive direct income and matching bonus every time there is a re-top-up of an ID?

Yes, this is a special feature of the system. Whenever someone in your team re-tops up their ID, you will receive direct income and matching income repeatedly. To join the system, activate your ID, request funds, or resolve any issues, you can follow these steps:

  • For information related to the system, you can watch the videos on its YouTube channel, where all useful links are available. Alternatively, you can visit the website's Help Center to find relevant information. You can also generate a support ticket using your ID.
  • It is recommended to invest in the system and inform your friends about it. We shouldn't miss the opportunity to become millionaires with just $100.